This assignment focuses on Cognitive Dissonance Reduction. On the other hand,there is a description of The Costs and Benefits of theory.

Cognitive Dissonance Reduction-The Costs and Benefits of theory

Read Chapter 6: The Costs and Benefits of Cognitive Dissonance Reduction. Cognitive dissonance theory implies that people will become uncomfortable when they act in a way that counters important self-concepts or values, and that they will be motivated to reduce this feeling. Yet consider the large number of people who continue to smoke or fail to exercise; or devoutly religious people who have premarital or extra-marital sex; or honest people who cheat on their taxes. How would cognitive dissonance theory explain such behaviors? Prepare a paper of at least 1,500 words in which you identify each of the following items (as opposed to writing it in a free-form essay; this makes it easier for your instructor to grade your paper). Due no later than the end of Lesson 7. Address the following items: Describe what Leon Festinger’s (1957) original formulation of dissonance theory posited.

Cognitive Dissonance Reduction-The Costs and Benefits of theory

Be sure to address what cognitive dissonance is, how and when it arises, and what people do to reduce it. Identify and describe a situation in which you (or another individual you know) made a decision to engage in behavior that violated social values, personal beliefs, attitudes, and/or morals, such as calling in sick to work when not sick, binge drinking at a party, cheating on an exam or an assignment, not recycling, driving while intoxicated, placing something extra in the shopping bag that did not knowingly get scanned at self-checkout, or making a difficult decision like ending a relationship (etc). [Do NOT select “smoking” because it is given as an example in the textbook.] Describe how you/or the other individual dealt with the dissonance and subsequent behavior.

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