The Clinical Learning Experience Essay explores the efficiency of therapeutic communication style. So, describe what you would do the same or differently to ensure you  met your objective during the next clinical experience.

Clinical Learning Experience Essay-therapeutic communication style

Purpose: To provide you with an opportunity to focus on a personal

learning objective apart from the assigned clinical learning objective and to evaluate your Clinical experience in a reflective manner that will provide growth.

 Description: So, Your journal should be kept in a small to medium size notepad or composition pad and carried to the clinical area each week. Write your personal objective and the

date as the title of your entry. Use the informal narrative style of writing

for all entries and proceed in the following manner:


Firstly,  Prior to reporting to the clinical area, write down your own personal

    learning objective for the day.

Secondly,  At the end of the clinical day, record your experiences in your


Thirdly,  Explain if you were or were not able to meet your personal learning


Fourthly, Write your best and worst experience of the day.

Fifthly, describe what you would do the same or differently to ensure you

    met your objective during the next clinical experience.

Sixth,  describe your therapeutic communication style and the positive impact on your patient care.

Seventh, write a reflection of the entire clinical rotation experience as your

    final entry in your journal at the end of the semester.

 Clinical Learning Experience Essay-therapeutic communication style

The Use of Guided Reflective Journals

Below are suggestions you may use as learning objectives and discussion items for your journal however, you are encouraged to develop your own personal goals.


  • Personal expectations for orientation to assigned unit, teamwork with fellow students, communication with unit staff and fellow students, and ease of locating needed items for patient care.
  • Personal organization of your clinical tasks and duties
  • Prioritization of your work day

             Communication and interaction with your assigned patient and fellow classmates

  • Communication with another healthcare professional (MD, Pharmacist, etc.)  and your instructor regarding your patient, whenever necessary
  • Formal report to the nurse responsible for your patient
  • Also, Understanding the drug interactions of medications you will be administering to the patient.
  • Patient education for the patient, family member, or significant other
  • Finally, Reflections on the entire clinical experience, to be done towards the end, prior to your final evaluation.  Please be sure to reflect upon

Detailed Instructions


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