The assignment discusses Clinical Action Plan. Besides, there is also a description of Family Assessment Data. So, Reviewthe key points of therapeutic conversation

Clinical Action Plan – Family Assessment Data

Firstly, the Clinical Action Plan will involve one initial family assessment visit and one follow-up visit to implement the plan (based on the family assessment data). Secondly, ensure that a signed Consent and Release of Liability form has been submitted to the instructor prior to the first point of contact with the selected family. Thirdly, select a family within your community to complete the assignment. Also, reviethe key points of therapeutic conversation found in Ch. 20 of Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations. 

 Clinical Action Plan – Family Assessment Data

Additionally, Review the following from Community Tool Box: Conducting Interviews. Qualitative Methods to Assess Community Issues. Formulate key questions for obtaining valuable information. Interview the family for your assessment, take notes, and ensure you address: Firstly, demographic data. Secondly, developmental stage and history of family. Thirdly, environmental data. Also, family structure . Fourthly,family functions. Family stress and coping. Family composition. Provide a brief overview of the family members, and identify each family member’s role within the family. Note: Remove all personally identifying information such as the family members’ names. Refer to family members by initials only. Complete a Genogram and Ecomap based on family assessment data. (See figures 20-3 and 20-4 (p. 393) in Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations.) Formatyour assessment data as of the following:  

 Submit your assessment, Genogram, and Ecomap.

Detailed Instructions


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