The assignment focuses on Climate Change and Government Policy. Also, there is a description of partisan,gender and generational lines. Therefore, you are required to discuss the reasons for this polarization and the implications it has for public support for climate change policies.

Climate Change and Government Policy-partisan,gender and generation lines.

Firstly, views about climate change break gender and generational lines in the U.S.A. Secondly, they reflected in several relatively wealthy democracies’. Critically discuss the reasons for this polarization and the implications it has for public support. Also, for climate change policies. Additionally, this article argues that the modern American partisan gender gap. The tendency of men to identify more as Republicans and less as Democrats than women. Emerged largely because of mass-level ideological party sorting. As the two major US political parties ideologically polarized at the elite level. The public gradually perceived this polarization. Additionally, they better sorted themselves into the parties that matched their policy preferences. Stable pre-existing policy differences between men and women caused this sorting to generate the gender gap.

Climate Change and Government Policy-partisan,gender and generational lines

Gender differences in vote choice, opinion, and party identification have become a common feature. This is largely in the American political landscape. We examine the nature and causes of gender differences in partisanship using a time series approach. We show that gender differences are pervasive. Existing outside of the context of specific elections or issues. Also that they are a product of the interaction of societal conditions and politics. We find that from 7979 to 2000, the partisan gender gap has grown when the political climate moved in a conservative direction, the economy deteriorated, and the percentage of economically vulnerable, single women increased. The gender gap is likely to be a continual feature of the American political landscape: one that shapes everything from elite political behavior to election outcomes.

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