The assignment focuses on cleaning, checking, and managing data in SPSS. Also, it goes further to elaborate the process of creating a database to save files. 

Cleaning, checking, and managing data in SPSS

Firstly, you start by cleaning, checking, and managing data in SPSS. Use the Campus data  please complete the following data management tasks. Consequently, treat all variables with missing values by assigning a discrete value of -99. This is to all missing cells and assign those values as missing in the data. Secondly, create the following new variables from their respective old variables. a. “percentage living in “Other Apartment” variable b. Also, percentage living in “Off Campus Apartment” variable c. Percentage living in “Residence Hall” variable and finally a Percentage living in “Campus Apartment”Thirdly, recode the 4-category living arrangement variable into a 2-category new variable. Where 1 = live alone and 0 = with someone. Fourthly, collapse the “Age” variable into ordinal variable with three categories.

Cleaning, checking, and managing data in SPSS

Name this data. What to submit to me through email: a. main data set you have worked on b. New system you created called white data.c. Save all syntax for your work and send them to me together with the database. Attached is this assignment where I previously had another writer to complete and I did not get any points. The professor gave reasons for not giving any points. The lecture notes for this assignment attached to show how the assignment should appear

Cleaning, checking, and managing data in SPSS

Management is the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining the data . Date created and collected by an organization. Effective data management is a crucial piece of deploying the IT systems. Systems run business applications and provide analytical information to help drive operational decision-making. Also provide strategic planning by corporate executives, business managers and other end users.

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