Class in America Gregory Mantsios

Please read all the questions below. Choose and answer four of the questions below, post your response and 2 discussion questions, then respond to 2 of your classmates’ posts

  1. In the article, Mantsios states,”Americans don’t like to talk about class” (189). Why?
  2. Inequality is persistent and structural and it manifests itself in many cultural and social ways .  Explain how.
  3. Choose one of the 4 myths listed below and explain why it is a myth:
  • Myth 1: the US is a middle class nation, a classless society.  Differences in economic standing are insignificant.
  • Myth 2: Class doesn’t matter.  Rich or poor, we are equal.
  • Myth 3: We are all getting richer.  That each generation propels itself to greater economic well-being
  • Myth 4: Everyone has equal chance to succeed.  Success requires no more than hard work (190).
  1. How do class differences have a significant impact on how we live?
  2. Mantsios asserts that “People do not choose to be poor or working class” (202).  He believes that there are institutional forces in our society that control one’s wealth that are beyond our control.  Explain what some of those forces are.
  3. Does everyone in the US have equal opportunity to succeed equality?  Explain why or why not.
  4. Although 37 million Americans live in sever poverty, America has best dressed poverty.  Explain.
  5. Class affects more than our lifestyle. It impacts physical & metal well-being.  How so?
  6. Racism and Sexism significantly compound effects of class.  Explain how.
  7. If there are solutions, what are they?