Introduces topic (1), cites article to be appraised, and appraisal tool utilized (1), provides 2-3 sentences summarizing the overarching strengths and weaknesses of the article (2), and includes summary statement that indicates that the article was “include”, “seek further information” or “exclude” (1) 

Chooses 2 criteria from the assigned appraisal tool that were found to be weaknesses or that introduced bias into the study. In a sentence state what the 2 criteria are that you will be expanding upon 

1. Explains each of the 2 criteria and why it is important 2. States whether and how the article meets the desired level of quality for the criteria 3. Cites the article, the appraisal tool, and other resources as necessary for explanation. 
Article is CAMELS and appriasal tool is CASP both attached below.