-In a three-page paper, students are to compare and contrast the pros and cons of the adversarial system of criminal trials in the United States and the inquisitorial system of criminal trials in a country of your choice. Examples of countries that use the inquisitorial system include France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, among others.
-This paper is due WEDNESDAY
-Format of Paper:
Paragraphs 1-2 should introduce the topic, the purpose of the paper and the countries of comparison.
Paragraphs 3-6 should describe the differences between the inquisitorial and adversarial systems of criminal trials including their origin, how they operate, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. In paragraphs 7-8, reflect on whether you believe the adversarial system as practiced in the United States is fair and balanced and whether it should be changed. Be sure to base your argument on a factual source of information. Include a references page of works cited and use APA citation style. Turn in a hard copy. Deposit in eportfolio.
This is a research paper where you need to do research and put it in a paper format, JUST FOLLOW THE FORMAT OUTLINE ABOVE AND YOU WILL DO FINE. The entire paper needs to be cited APA style, in-text citations (look up the purdueowl.com and our schools library cite as well as our upload on Blackboard for APA tutorials and help).
-Citation sources:
-Purdue OWl link:
-LaGCC Library APA citation link: