This assignment focuses on Chronic Pain Management. There is also description of Nursing Interventions.  So, identify, describe, and illustrate the use of research literature.

Chronic Pain Management-Nursing Interventions assignment

Nursing Interventions for Chronic Pain Management. APA Format Required, SafeAssign used on grading. “The purpose of this paper is to identify, describe, and illustrate the use of research literature.” Will be attaching 4 references required to be used in this paper, as well as the rubric and paper outline. Feel free to change the purpose statement.  Or Title 1 & 2 Headings as you see fit. You may also add sources if needed as long as these 4 provided are used. Chronic pain management is often complex and time consuming.

Chronic Pain Management-Nursing Interventions assignment

It can be particularly challenging and stressful for clinicians working without input from other clinicians. The effectiveness of multiple interventions  augmented when all medical and behavioral healthcare professionals involved collaborate as a team (Sanders, Harden, & Vicente, 2005). A multidisciplinary team approach provides a breadth of perspectives and skills that can enhance outcomes and reduce stress on individual providers. Although it is ideal when all relevant providers work within the same system and under the same roof, often a collaborative team must BE coordinated across a community. This combined effort requires identification of a designated lead care coordinator and a good system of communication among team members and the patient.

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