The assignment focuses on Child Behavior and Development Observation. There is also an analysis of Social Competence. So,  describe what you see and hear

Child Behavior and Development Observation – Social Competence Analysis

Description This paper is for the ” Intro to Psychology” class. The assignment is to observe a child in a naturalistic setting, e.g. park, playground, backyard, etc., that is not a structured or solitary activity. The child must have other playmates around, though he/she does not have to be continually playing with anyone. The observation must be at least 75 minutes long. It is important that YOU DO NOT INTERACT with the child you are observing. If the child attempts to converse, play, etc., gently tell them “I would like to play, talk with you but I must do my schoolwork. When I am finished, I can talk/play with you.” You might have to repeat such a statement several times, particularly if you know the child very well.

Child Behavior and Development Observation – Social Competence Analysis

Just be patient and persistent. Once you have selected a child, place and time, review the age-appropriate material in the textual chapters that describes and discusses the behavior during that developmental period, i.e., early childhood, middle childhood or adolescence. INFANTS, TODDLERS (younger than 18 months) CANNOT BE CHOSEN AS SUBJECTS. ALSO, IF YOU ARE A PARENT, YOU CANNOT CHOOSE YOUR OWN CHILD FOR YOUR OBSERVATION. During the observation, sit off to the side and take a running commentary of the child’s activities, behaviors and verbalizations. Describe what you see and hear. It is important to be as detailed and specific as possible so that you will have sufficient data to write your paper.

Child Behavior and Development Observation – Social Competence Analysis

The paper should include the following components:IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ THE APPROPRIATE CHAPTERS FOR THE AGE OF YOURSUBJECT BEFORE YOU OBSERVE HIM OR HER Introduction: Briefly describe your child, including physical characteristics, clothing, mannerisms, and social competence. Also, describe the setting – its geographical and social layout. ‘Paint’ a picture for me. Also, identify the time when the observation began and ended. Stage: Discuss the behavior of a typical child similar in age to the one you observed. This information should come from the text chapters: include information from all areas (physical, cognitive, psychosocial). Comparison: Compare your child with information from the stage section of your paper.


Detailed Instructions


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