Reference Citation
Characteristics of gritty and resilient people. (2020). Curriculum Review, 59(7), 6.
You will be creating one paragraph that answers the following question written just in the third person:
Of the listed characteristics related to grit and resilient people, which one do you view as the
most important?
The article above provides you with several characteristics related to grit and resilience in people. After
reading the above article, you will write one paragraph that asserts your objective and clear position
answering the above question. In the paragraph, if you directly quote one of the characteristics, then
please use quotation marks, the citation (Characteristics of Gritty and Resilient People, 2020, p. 6), and
the above reference citation on the last page titled References.
Your writing should be done in third person (he, she, they, one, it, people) and not use first (me, us, our,
we, my, I) or second person (you, your). Most academic writing is done in third person rather than first or
second person because the writing is more objective.
Example of a Sentence in First Person
I believe the most important characteristic of grit highlighted in the article is the need to be self-aware.
Example of a Sentence in Third Person
The most important characteristic of grit highlighted in the article is the need to be self-aware.
The key to this assignment is to make sure that the seven-to-nine sentence paragraph you write only
has one topic and includes sentence to support that topic. The topic for the paragraph should be the
specific characteristic of grit you selected. The rest of the paragraph should explain the reasons why you
think that characteristic is the most important one.
Answer the question above in one paragraph comprised of at least seven (7) to nine (9) sentences. You
should use one direct quote from the article.
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1. First, begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence that states where you stand on the
question above.
2. Next, include supporting sentences that explain and prove your topic. Next, remember not to use
the words me, I,us, we, our, you, and your.
3. Then, in the center of your paragraph, include at least two reasons why this characteristic is the
most important. Please stick to third person.
4. Finally, wrap up your paragraph with a concluding sentence that sums up the point of the whole