This week your primary focus will be composing Essay #2 which will focus on characterization (which was also the focus of the textbook reading and stories you examined last week).   I will have Essay #1 graded by the early part of this week so if there are any improvements that need to be made, they can be applied to Essay #2.

Your Tasks This Week: 

1. Read pages 259-260 on “monster stories”. As you read, examine what it means to be a monster versus a human being, particularly through the way each group is depicted in literature and what message the author might be sending through this tactic. Who is the “monster”, and could it be us? 

2. Read the following three stories from your textbook. Make sure to also read the author’s bio and background prior to the story.   Your essay prompts will be based on these stories. 

“Lusus Naturae” by Margaret Atwood (pg. 260)

“St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell (pg. 265)

“The House of Asterion” by Jorge Luis Borges (pg. 277)


Textbook:        The Norton Introduction to Literature, shorter 13th edition , Kelly J. Mays


Essay #2, your second 5 paragraph, 
This week your primary focus will be composing Essay #2 which will focus on characterization 

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