The assignment focuses on  Contemporary Curating (2012)-challenges of contemporary art curators. So, what does Smith state is specific to contemporary art curating?

Contemporary Curating (2012)-challenges of contemporary art curators

‘The Lure’ by Terry Smith in Thinking about Contemporary Curating (2012) please answer the questions below in this discussion post: 1. What does Smith state is specific to contemporary art curating? 2. What are some of the key concerns or challenges of contemporary art curators?

Temporary exhibitions continue to increase in cultural significance and yet the traditional role of the museum as a Bildung institution has changed. As exhibitions gain in significance, so too do curatorial strategies. Arguing that new research is needed to help understand these changes, the book presents original research that explores how curatorial strategies inform both art and cultural history museums in contemporary society. The book also investigates what sort of critical, transformative, and perhaps even conservative, potential can be traced in exhibition cultures.

Any information could be useful: observation of daily life, theories and levels of culture, etcetera. I do establish a link between several artistic practices, which embody a strong mental experience. The exhibition themes are not necessarily linked to personal life. Through art I experience a wide range of issues that in fact go beyond the personal, or even imply the opposite. Confrontational work questioning myself could  adopted later in my curatorial practice. I feel interested in the artistic paradoxes; a later exhibition could at first glance deny former stances. They represent other fragments of life, which are inherently paradoxical.

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