Write a short scoping report that outlines the adequacy of existing research and the

need for further research on any ONE of the following subjects, and in relation to the

UK or international. You should assess the best options in terms of research methods and design

for your chosen topic.

(a) The potential for increased criminal activity arising from climate-based

economic disruption.

(b) Psychological stress and maladjustment arising from the effects of climate


(c) Challenges and opportunities for small and medium enterprises arising from

climate change and associated social changes.  (2022 latest answers)

(d) Legal issues that may emerge as people respond to climate change and laws

that address these issues, for example in relation to everyday problems

caused by climate and climate change mitigation.

(e) Assessments of the vulnerabilities of computing and telecommunications

networks and infrastructure that could arise as a result of climate change and

associated social changes.

Further instructions:

(I) Your report should outline ‘where we are now’ and what further research is

required to understand how and why risks may emerge in the future.

(ii) It should contain a discussion of the key methodological problems faced by

the research studies proposed, and assessments of the methodological

adequacy of any literature relied on. (3000 words)