In one paragraph, you will use a direct quote to support your topic. In the other paragraph,
you will use a paraphrase. Please see the explanation of a direct quote and paraphrase
below. You should treat these two paragraphs as body paragraphs and write them using
objective third-person language. You do not need to include an introduction or a conclusion
with this assignment.
1. Select ONE of these issues:
a. Cell Phone Bans in the Classroom
b. Sports Gender Pay Gap
c. Childhood Obesity
2. Go to the Library database and search for one article on the issue. Please do not use
Google to find this article. You should be using the Post University Library databases
rather than sources such as Wikipedia and
3. Read the article and underline important sentences that will offer information about the
issue you selected.
4. Create two paragraphs that explore that issue. Focus on those two reasons that you
highlighted above related to your issue. Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic
sentence. One of the paragraphs should include a direct quote. The other paragraph
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should include a paraphrase of a quote from the article. Be sure to include an in-text
citation for the direct quote, (Authors Last Name, year of publication, p. #), and an in-text
citation for the paraphrase, (Authors Last Name, year of publication). You should select a
direct quote and paraphrase that support the specific topics of each paragraph.
5. Make sure you create a reference page for the article you use in your paragraphs.
Sample of a Direct Quote and a Paraphrase
Direct Quote: When you direct quote, you take the exact words from the source and
put quotation marks around it, include a citation after the quote, and put the reference
for the article on the References page.
Here is an example of a direct quote on the subject of standardized testing:
A long trend line preceding the pandemic already points to institutions gradually
moving away from current standardized assessments (Ci, 2020, p. 34).
Paraphrase: When you paraphrase, you take the direct quote, stick to the same
length, and put it into your own words.
Here is an example of a paraphrase of the above direct quote:
Trends happening before the pandemic indicate that many educational institutions are
getting away from assessments based on standardized testing (Ci, 2020).
For both the direct quote and paraphrase, you would include an in-text citation after
the evidence and also add the following reference on the references pageCai, L. (2020). Standardized testing in college admissions: Observations and
reflections. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice,