According to Alibaba’s promotional efforts and strategic initiatives, Alibaba is on a path to realizing its vision of facilitating $1 trillion in product sales annually as it also pursues a goal of reaching 2 billion consumers. It is already the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Can one company really achieve $1 trillion in sales and reach 2 billion of the world’s 7 billion people? 

2. Each year, Alibaba handles more than 80 percent of China’s e- commerce business. The company now operates in 190

countries (only 196 countries and 61 territories exist in the world). Moving forward, the vision for Alibaba sounds simple: Bring in non- Chinese brands to the Chinese market and expand products to customers outside of China’s borders. Do you think this global strategy is viable? 

3. The large-scale product selection that can be found on the Alibaba platforms has resulted in some 15 billion products being sold annually and 15 million packages being shipped daily (compared with 5 billion items on Amazon and 3 million packages per day).

 This puts tremendous pressure on global supply chains. Can the supply chains continuously facilitate the increased demand that we as customers place on the global supply chain systems?