The assignment discusses The film “Cabaret” Review. Besides, there is also a description of Cultural and Societal relevance. So, create a cohesive artistic expression in the film.

The film “Cabaret” Review – Cultural and Societal relevance

Description. Firstly, please watch the film “Cabaret” Secondly,  write a 3-4 page paper discussing how it serves as a means of expression. Thirdly, how does the film use the dialogue, mise en scene, sound and music, and actor portrayals to create a cohesive artistic expression in the film. What, if discernible, is the greater or deeper meaning of the film? Art serves as a mirror to the society in which it exists. Additionally, discuss the contextual and cultural relevance of the piece within its societal framework. How does the film speak to or comment on society?

The film “Cabaret” Review – Cultural and Societal relevance

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