The assignment focuses on Business IT alignment – at Amazon assignment. You are also required to design an internal IT business economy.

Business IT alignment – at Amazon assignment

Look at the business–IT alignment at Amazon. Compare the business–IT alignment of the Amazon business line that sells products to customers with the Amazon business that sells IT cloud services to organizations. Look for articles in Forbes and Business Week that discuss the organization and strategy of Amazon and specifically address the issue of alignment. Discuss the synergy across these lines of business for Amazon. Provide specifics in your discussion to enable a comparative analysis.  Presents a penetrating look at the key pressure points–company needs, technological change and competition–that are impacting today’s IT manager. Features a complete assessment of the importance of and problems with IT architecture and the presentation of a formal diagramming method (Mulciber) which allows the IT organization to draw nonambiguous, exceptionally clear architecture blueprints. Includes specific suggestions on how to overcome typical barriers blocking the successful reengineering of IT businesses.

Business IT alignment – at Amazon assignment

Written by an author at the cutting edge of today’s IT business strategy revolution, this book offers you a clear, easy-to-implement action plan for reengineering your business’s IT organization with an eye to building, sustaining, and expanding a competitive advantage. You will find, Firstly, charts and templates that an IT staff can customize and use today. Secondly, techniques for overcoming most architecture problems, including a diagramming technique for drawing exceptionally clear blueprints. Thirdly, an in-depth discussion of business IT alignment. Fourthly, how to design an internal IT business economy. Fifthly, tips on how to get the biggest bang for the buck while optimizing customer service. Finally, proven techniques that radically improve application development through object-oriented technologies, data servers, and prototyping

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