Paper instructions:

Week 7 Assignment:  Business Etiquette Assignment


Each student will choose a country to research and provide information for the following for the specific country.


·        The response should be in an essay form using each requirement as a heading.


·          Be sure to use complete sentence structure and not one-word answers.


·        The essay should be double-spaced and one-inch margins.


·        Any citations should be presented in APA formatting.


·        There is no page count requirement. However, your work should be indicative of a college student.

1.      What is the language(s) of the country?


2.      Gift giving etiquette


3.      Dining etiquette


4.      Relationships and communication in the work place


5.      Business negotiations


6.      Dress etiquette


7.      Business meeting etiquette


8.      Business card exchange