This Inventory Control paper focuses on on Business case analysis. So, read the business case and provide your response as outlined in this document.

Business case analysis – Inventory Control paper

BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS – 3  (Inventory Control)

(50 points)


Case – Refer to the case document provided on Canvas


Firstly,Read the business case and provide your response as outlined in this document.

Secondly,  Provide your responses in a word document and show your calculations in the same word document.Thirdly,your analysis must be comprehensive. Provide explanations and calculations to support your analysis.  Fourthly, Submit the word document. Include a cover page for the word document with your name on it

Fifthly,  You can work individually or in teams of 2.

 Business case analysis–Inventory Control paper

Rosa Chang is facing a few issues in her role as inventory manager at Mark’s Computers. Also, Your task is to identify those issues, analyze them and propose solutions. As part of this task, you are required to:


Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the ordering policies for the two parts – A233 and P656. Compute the EOQ and re-order points as part of your evaluation. Use the data provided in the case. Besides, Compare the present total cost of the inventory system with that of the new EOQ system and determine which is better.   

        Evaluate the price break being offered for the circuit board and provide a recommendation. Also,  Should Rosa take the price break or not? Support your analysis with appropriate calculations.

o   Develop a plan to help Rosa get the inventory back under control.


Structure of the report:

Section 1 – Executive Summary

·         Max. 1 page

        Executive summary is the first part of the report. However, you will write this at the end after everything else.

·         Also, Please refer to the document titled “Guidelines for Writing an Executive Summary.pdf” available on Canvas.

Detailed Instructions


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