The assignment focuses on Built Asset Development Management. Also, there has been a description on Heritage Building at Risk. So, you required to collating this data in a way that presents valuable information about an asset.

Built Asset Development Management-Heritage Building at Risk

Built Asset Development & Management. Paper details THE SUBJECT AREA IS – Built Asset Development & Management. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Task 1 – Heritage Building at Risk – Individual Essay (2000 WORDS). In your local are, select a substantial listed building that is currently on Historic England’s ‘Buildings at Risk Register’ located at . Task 2 – Façade Retention Scheme – Individual Essay (1200 WORDS). The Harold Rd Community Centre in Plaistow is to re purposed into a modern theatre space and asscoiated facilities. Which will mean the demolition of its internal elements but with the retention of the west facing Claude Road. Elevation & tower which will retained. The address of the centre is 170 Harold Rd, Plaistow, London E13 0SE. please view the attached file for more instructions. thank you.

Built Asset Development & Management-Heritage Building at Risk

More specifically we tend to think of BIM in relation to its use in the design and construction phases of new builds. This is despite the fact that new build developments represent only a small proportion of built assets in the UK. Despite that the benefits of using smart information management systems beyond the design stages of a project are huge. As we know facilities management is the discipline of managing various services to support the O&M (operations and maintenance) of an asset during its use. According to the UK government, the average capacity loss of an asset due to poor O&M strategy is 20%. A term most used in the financial sector to describe the discipline of managing assets. To achieve the greatest possible return, concept of managing assets can applied to infrastructure

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