This assignment focuses on British Petroleum Case study. There is also a description of Managerial Accounting concepts. So, what departments could benefit from these concepts. -Define the company

British Petroleum Case study-Managerial Accounting concepts

Research British Petroleum (or a company of your choosing, preferably a manufacturing company) and write a three page paper using two or more of the Managerial Accounting concepts we have discussed. Ex. Balanced Scorecard, How would they use Activity Based Costing, Who would be key in Managerial Accounting? What departments could benefit from these concepts. -Define the company -Define the Managerial Accounting concepts you will address -Explain how they being used or how you would apply these concepts -does NOT need to be APA format, no footnotes or citations, 12 point in a normal font.

British Petroleum Case study-Managerial Accounting concepts

Managerial accounting is the process of identifying and analyzing financial information so that management personnel can make better-informed business decisions. Although the specific underlying details of managerial accounts may vary from one business to the next, they often itemize a company’s spending practices, cash flow streams, debts, and assets. This type of information helps sole proprietors make more measured decisions. It also aids small banks in evaluating whether or not a company is worthy of a small business loan.For managerial accounting, weekly and monthly budgets govern the types of products sold, product inventory levels, and the price points needed to ensure that businesses maintain sufficient margins to cover costs and remain solvent

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