Write a five paragraph essay of 3 4 pages (double spaced, in MLA format), that offers an introduction that contains your thesis, body paragraphs that offer distinct points in support of the thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes the essay.
Consider one or two stories of women from Greek mythology and / or The Bible. Discuss how the story reveals and / or upholds the patriarchal society from which it derived, and how (or if) it challenges that patriarchy.
Patriarchy is a social system that supports male power and authority at the exclusion and/or suppression of female power and authority. It can also refer to any system (social, economic, political, religious) that views male authority as normative.
You may choose up to two myth and/or bible stories you are familiar with, or you may explore the following websites to make your choice. Even if you are already familiar with a story, you may want to refresh your recollection by using the websites, or in the case of a biblical story, using The Bible account, or using Britannica Academic, or any combination of the three. Of course, be sure to include in-text citations and work cited entries
Britannica Academic Women in the Bible (Wikipedia a more secular view)https://academic-eb-com.cccnj.idm.oclc.org/levels/collegiate