Briefly review the description for the class project below:
The purpose of the class project is to examine one type of achievement gap in-depth. There is a lot of flexibility
for your topic and I encourage you to find something that you care about and something you want to take some action toward. You can start by identifying the structural problem or institution you want to focus on, or
by identifying the gap in achievement that most moves you. Or, you might start by considering the lived
experiences of particular minoritized groups in U.S. educational systems, including but not limited to: Latinx
students, Native American students, African American students, women-identifying students in male-dominated
domains, low-income students, first-generation college students, English-language learners, undocumented
students, LGBTQ students, or students with physical or learning disabilities. Wherever you begin, know that the
point of the assignment is to provide an opportunity to explore something you deeply care about and to brainstorm with a community of learners on steps toward addressing this persisting issue.

Then, select a current news article on the topic of education that speaks to you and that could possibly inform this project.

Be sure to include a brief summary of the artifact in your write-up, to cite the source appropriately in APA format, and to weave the artifact in your writing.

Reflect on the following questions: Why are you interested in a course about the achievement gap? What burning questions do you have about this topic? What do you hope to learn? What do you see as the major dilemmas that need to be considered and addressed in achievement gap literature? How do your own schooling experiences inform how you think about this issue and/or perspectives about the artifact?

Your paper should have a title and reference page in APA format, an introduction paragraph, a thesis
statement, and supporting paragraphs. Be sure to double-space, to have 2-3 pages of writing, to use one-inch margins, and to use Times 12-point font.