You will find three credible sources about your topic. You might research one of your signature strengths, positive psychology and college success, the action that youre arguing college students should make, or the goal that this change should help students reachthere are any number of ways to approach this research.
You should find three sources:
One should be a peer-reviewed journal article, found using a library database.
One should be a credible website source.
The third may be either a second website source or a second journal article.
You should follow the examples you read about to create an annotated bibliography of all three sources. They should:
Be listed alphabetically by the first word in the entry;
Use MLA citation format for a works cited entry;
Include a paragraph which:
Briefly explains what the source is about;
Briefly explains how you know it is a credible source;
Briefly explains whether it will be a good fit for your essay or not.
Remember that your final essay only needs to use two credible sources, so if one of your annotated bibliography sources wont work for your essay, thats finejust explain why in your annotated bibliography.