The assignment discusses Body-worn video Case Study. Additionally, there is a description of how EBP works in practice. So, include an account of the drivers behind the research.

Body-worn video Case Study-how EBP works in practice

This case study will see the evaluation of a piece of identified policing research, to be determined by the module tutor. It is similar to your previous research reports but must also include an account of the drivers behind the research. The problem that was identified), and any accounts of the implementation of the proposed solutions. Unlike your previous reports, the focus for this assignment is demonstrating your understanding of how EBP works in practice. Thus, for example, ethical and political issues should be covered with this context in mind. Such as, did (or could) any ethical issues you have identified cause difficulty in implementing the intervention beyond the pilot?

Body-worn video Case Study-how EBP works in practice

Your case study area is – BODY-WORN. Your case study should cover the following areas and should be no more than 2,500 words. The marking criteria should be regarded as a guide only: A short introduction which outlines what the Case Study will argue and what it will conclude 5 marks The background to the research – what was the problem that the research sought to resolve, or the issue that it sought to address? 10 marks A summary of what research had already been done into this issue by the time of the study or studies you’re examining 15 marks An outline of the research and its findings:

Body-worn video Case Study-how EBP works in practice

Firstly, what did they do, and why? What did they find? 25 marks Were there implementation issues in the undertaking of the research? What were these and what can be learned from them? Are there wider conclusions to be drawn beyond this particular case study? 20 marks How does the research contribute to the body of knowledge about the subject? Is more research required?

Detailed Instructions


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