This assignment focuses on BMW electric vehicle sales in Australia. Also, gives a description of Censorship and social media in China

BMW electric vehicle sales in Australia-Censorship and social media in China

BMW electric vehicle sales in Australia.. The following are some of the elements you should include in your project proposal. You don’t have to include everything, this is just to get you started. You may use sub-headings in your essay. Do not consider this a template. Your project proposal should only include elements that are useful for providing a clear and compelling portrayal of your project. Many of these headings will be useless for many projects. Look at the exemplars to see the range of styles past students have employed. Working Title This can change over the course of semester as you become more familiar with your subject and construct an argument. Topic Area.  This can be quite broad, for example ‘Online celebrities’, ‘Cyberbullying in Australian high schools’, or ‘Censorship and social media in China’.

Censorship and social media in China

My topic : BMW electric vehicle sales in Australia Research Question This should be narrower and more focused than your topic area, for example, ‘What is the role of online celebrities in influencing social change with reference to obesity prevention?’ or ‘How is the cyberbullying problem being addressed in educational material for school children in Australia?’ You can have more than one question. My research question: From 2018–2020, why were BMW’s electric car sales less than Tesla’s electric car sales in Australia? Objectives This describes how your research will enable you to find out or achieve something meaningful. It can be a simple statement. Example: ‘To explore [insert topic area] through a content analysis of [relevant area] news stories published in China Daily between [insert dates]. 

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