Benchmark-Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Final Paper

Paper details:

Assessment Descriiption


For this assignment, you will synthesize the independent evidence-based practice project proposal assignments from NUR-550 and NUR-590 into a 4,500-5,000-word professional paper.


Final Paper


The final paper should:


1. Incorporate all necessary revisions and corrections suggested by your instructors.

2. Synthesize the different elements of the overall project into one paper. The synthesis should reflect the main concepts for each section, connect ideas or overreaching concepts, and be rewritten to include the critical aspects (do not copy and paste the assignments).


3. Contain supporting research for the evidence-based practice project proposal.


Main Body of the Paper


The main body of your paper should include the following sections:


1. Problem Statement

2. Organizational Culture and Readiness

3. Literature Review

4. Change Model, or Framework

5. Implementation Plan

6. Evaluation Plan




The appendices at the end of your paper should include the following:


1. All final changes or revisions for the drafts that will be included in the appendices of your paper.


2. Complete the “APA Writing Checklist” to ensure that your paper adheres to APA style and formatting criteria and general guidelines for academic writing. Include the completed checklist as the final appendix at the end of your paper. In each preceding course you have been directed to the Student Success Center for assistance with APA style, and have submitted the APA Writing Checklist to help illustrate your adherence to APA style. This final paper should demonstrate a clear ability to communicate your project in a professional and accurately formatted paper using APA style.