We should realize, however, that becoming and remaining mindful is not easy. It  

might help, therefore, to be mindful of the following:

1. Being mindful is not a one-time project. It requires ongoing effort, because it can  

evaporate so easily when we settle into our activities, work- or lifestyles.   2022 Latest Answers  

Fortunately, mindfulness can be polished regularly, for instance through meditation , or through regular scanning of our thoughts (Junttila, N/A ), and asking  

ourselves whether we are being mindful or are being mindless. The more we ask  

ourselves that question, the more deliberate our actions will become, and the  

fewer mindless moments we will have.  

2. Life is a continuous sequence of mindfulness disruptions, which may come in  

many forms: problems at home or work, relationship issues, loss or illness,which can give rise to old bad habits, distract us from our mindfulness efforts  

(Junttila, N/A ), thus propelling us back into sleepwalking mode.  

3. The many distractions and setbacks in work and private life may cause our mindfulness efforts to stall regularly or progress so slowly that we get discouraged  

(Junttila). Of course, setbacks are the best opportunities to prove our determination and test our mindfulness. But that is easier said than done.