Detailed Instructions


Your task is to write a persuasive piece of internal communication addressed to your company, as a member of staff. The goal of the submission is to propose one or two recommendations to achieve or improve actions relating to Business Ethics. You will specifically consider one of the areas explored in the Module 2 lecture: Employment Practices, Human Rights, Environmental Pollution, Bribery and Corruption, or Sustainability. Make sure to look at the supply chain of the business to understand how your ethical area may relate to the operations of your business. It is then your task to develop a persuasive report recommending strategies your company can adopt. In your own words, the Submission will:

Review past and current business practices and policies from Toyota that relate to your chosen area of ethical concern. 

More about this assignment:

 The task beforehand exploits the alternatives that can be embraced to promote business ethics particularly in relationship with environmental pollution. The internal communication will highlight the problem and its significance to the organization and to the rest of the world. The arguments raised will help in developing a suitable alternative that will promote business ethics to Toyota. Examples of how the organization contributes to environmental pollution to ensure that the management acknowledges the significance of the problem at hand. One of the significant aspects to be considered in this assignment is identifying and understanding the ethical area of concern within the organization’s supply chain. The proposed strategies will be practical to be embraced by the company.

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