The assignment focuses on CBT-based relaxation skill. Also, there is a description of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. So, write a brief reflection paper.

CBT-based relaxation skill-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.Learn and Practice Relaxation Skill Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details This assignment designed to help you learn, practice, and evaluate a CBT-based relaxation skill. First choose a skills such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Deep breathing, Imagery, Meditation, Mindfulness, or another evidence-based activity. Then, practice this activity toughly once a day for a period of 7-10 days. Record the experience on the form below. Then write a brief reflection paper (1-2 pages) describing the experience and submit both your record form and the paper.

CBT-based relaxation skill-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many persons seeking treatment present with problems more extreme than individuals described as the “worried well” yet they do not display the symptom profile of persons diagnosed with a “severe mental illness.” Typically, these individuals experience chronic distress; they present with impulsive coping styles, chaotic relationships and affective dysregulation. Psychotherapy for persons presenting with chronic distress present a unique set of challenges.

CBT-based relaxation skill-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Most research in psychotherapy outcomes suggest that one of the most important factors associated with successful treatment is the relationship between the client and therapist. Traditionally, focus on the therapeutic relationship has been the purview of experiential and psychodynamic therapies. However, in the past ten years, three behavioral models of psychotherapy have been introduced that focus on the relationship in the therapy session. To varying degrees, these therapies are based on a large body of knowledge developed over the past several decades in the study of verbal behavior. In this class, participants will be introduced to a behavioral conceptualization of phenomena such as emotion, memory, cognition, and beliefs.

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