The assignment discusses Work – based learning case study. Also, there is a description of Quality Improvement Services

Work – based learning case study – Quality Improvement Services

Introduction:* What is the project and why are you doing it? *Practical implementation:* What are the skills and knowledge? What is understood to be the best way of approaching this project? This would provide evidence of your understanding of the key aspects from the practitioner material (e.g. approaches to Service/Quality Improvement; How to do Project Management etc), but also the research – what does the research say? You use the material in the units to establish what material is relevant. *Project: Implementing your project.* What did you do? Here you would include your application of the quality improvement methods.

Work – based learning case study – Quality Improvement Services

what worked, what did not work and why; and importantly then compare it to the practical experiences of others AND the research. Did your project work in the same way as others? And/or as the research suggested? What was the same or different – and why? It is important not just to tell me a story of what happened, but to consider what happened and how it compares to other practical examples and the experience identified in the literature. *Learning:* How will you use your practical experience and evidence from research to impact on the way you deliver improvements moving forward? So what will you do differently in the future?

Work – based learning case study – Quality Improvement Services

I would suggest you could link this to the PARIHs framework, how did the quality of evidence / the context and your approach to facilitation help (or hinder) the implementation of evidence based practice – therefore what would do if you were doing it again? It is not important for your project to be a success (for this module at least) – you can complete this assignment even if your project was a spectacular failure in fact you will (I did) learn a lot more when that happened! *Conclusions / final reflections* Identify a number of key areas (supported with evidence) that summarises your project and learning. Work-based learning ( case study) speeding up laboratory test reporting in medical emergency and cardiac arrest calls: quality improvement project )it is attached in files.

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