Literature review

This should include some description and analysis of literature used. In general, it should address and cite work that you have identified as relevant to approach the theme of your choice. It will not be an exhaustive exploration and analysis of the work but you should demonstrate some evidence of having read and understood the main ideas expressed in those texts. The texts explored should include at least 13 academic texts combining books and journal articles, 7 news articles and at least two examples of grey literature.

Research questions.

Some questions may arise as you read and write about ideas, concepts, arguments and claims contained in the texts explored. The literature you read may not address an issue that you are interested in and feel that could be of interest to explore. In this section, you will be able to include one or two questions to suggest a possible way forward to conduct research based on that issue that you think is missing from the literature (100 – 200 words).


You will need to explore and name possible methods that are adequate to address the questions proposed in the previous section. Include at least 3 citations (100 – 200 words).


Methodology and Analysis will contain brief descriptions of potential approaches that you would consider for this speculative bit of research. While new data and evidence may be used in the analysis section, what you need to demonstrate here is some reflection on how you would plan steps prior to conducting the research (100 – 200 words).

1 Themes

Choose one of the three themes below for your assignment:

Theme 1: Outline an argument exploring how Freire’s ‘banking concept’ of education relates to the context of UK HE.

To answer this, you will have to define Freire’s ‘banking concept’, explore its implications and present an account that demonstrates an understanding of the current conditions and challenges in UK HE. You may also approach this answer basing your account on shared interests and intersecting commonalities of students and academic staff.

Theme 2: Outline an analysis that explores the intersection marketization of UK HE and a discipline or field of your choice (for eg. healthcare management).

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