So far in this semester, you have learned about the Aztec, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and other empires. Now, answer the following question in an essay between five hundred and six hundred words. “What was an empire? How were they created, and what did the people who ruled or dominated them want their empires to accomplish, and why did they want to accomplish those things?” Be sure your answer is in your own words and does not refer to anything except assigned readings and anything contained in the Blackboard Course. Be sure to check the Similarity Report to ensure that I don’t think your answer is copied or plagiarized

The only information you will need are the readings assigned in the syllabus and what I say in class. You should not consult anything else, only Chapter 1 4 of Of the People, 5th edition, volume I while you are writing your answer.

Answers should be written completely in your own words. Turnitin will compare your answer to everything in its databases, and if you appear to have copied or plagiarized your answer, you will receive a zero. Be sure to check the Similarity Report to ensure that your answer does not appear to be copied or plagiarized.

Be sure you submit your answers in a format Turnitin can read. Microsoft Word is the best option. It is your responsibility to determine whether a particular format can be read.

Answers should be four hundred to five hundred words long, give or take ten to twenty words.

Be sure you answer the question I asked, as I wrote it. Do not ignore the question and answer some other, imaginary question of your own.

DO NOT WRITE AN INTRODUCTION OR CONCLUSION. They are a waste of your time and mine, because they dont say anything. I will be seriously annoyed and grade you down if your answer contains an introduction or conclusion.
Be sure you answer the question clearly, explicitly and unambiguously, and that you do not repeat the same idea or information
Your grade will be largely based upon two things: (1) whether you answer the question I asked clearly, explicitly and unambiguously, and (2) whether you support your answer with information you have learned in the class