The assignment concentrates on Australian Health Care System. Besides, there is also an analysis of Literature Review. So, explain or expand the information contained there.

Australian Health Care System – Literature Review Analysis

Description This assessment briefing designed to provide further information or details in relation to the assessment task. It not designed to replace the information in the subject outline. Instead it provided to explain or expand the information contained there. Where there inconsistency between the two documents, the subject outline must regarded as the authoritative document. Literature Review. This literature review should be approximately 2000 words in total length. The assessment will be submitted via Turnitin from the Assignment Page on UTS Online. Students required to provide a literature review of no less than 5 resources and no more than 10 resources. These resources must sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals, books, or high quality, reputable ‘grey literature’ , that is, government reports, health sector reports, or other online, PDF formats.

Australian Health Care System – Literature Review Analysis

The objective of the literature review is to demonstrate that the student has adequately researched, analysed and described a geneology or history of an academic subject that highly relevant to your challenge brief. In other words, what has written about this topic before? Therefore, it is important that the literature review shows a logical and well-written narrative, or flow. 1. Students must clearly: 2. Summarise and evaluate the resources. What  the resources describing and is the information logical, well researched, broad and balanced, and if not, why? 3. Identify resources in the context of previous research. What new ideas, facts or concepts are the reviewed resources offering?

Australian Health Care System – Literature Review Analysis

4. Describe how the reviewed literature contributes to better understanding components of the Australian health care system that relevant to the challenge brief. That is, what does the reviewed literature reveal about the issues related to the challenge in an Australian context? Details on how to complete this assessment are available in UTSOnline. Please feel free to explore online resources to further your understanding of the structure and format of a literature review. Avoid dot points and maintain a narrative flow. Also remember to provide correct referencing. Access an interactive referencing guide. The marking rubric for this assessment task and resources are provided. Australian health care system that are relevant to the challenge brief.

Detailed Instructions


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