audit Week 5 ACL Case Project

Paper details:

Using current literature and using the ACL software included with your textbook, please complete ACL Case 9-56 covered on page 487 of your textbook. You will type up your to complete ACL Case 9-56 in Microsoft Word. As part of your response be sure to include how you determined the most appropriate procedures needed to collect audit evidence for this project.

Please click on the file ACL Instructions and Requirements attached above to begin. The tutorial is covered at the end of the textbook in the ACL appendix:

You will use the Microsoft Word document linked above to submit your results to me. There are additional ACL instructions in this which will help you in completing the assignment. I have highlighted the areas you will need to complete which are the results under each of the requirements also linked above. These include the following:

ACL Case 9-87 Guidelines without results.doc (this case used to be 9-87 so use this document, it is now named 9-56)

The following files are also available through the publisher’s website (also attached above) for the tutorial (Husky Files) and the ACL Case 1-Fraud (Pella):

Husky Unpaid Invoices 2013.xls

Husky Shipping File 2013.xls

Husky Credit Limit 20013.xls