This Song Lyric Assignment explores sociological theory and concept. So, you will pick a song and analyze it using a sociological theory, and the concepts discussed in the course.

Song Lyric Assignment-sociological theory and concept

Song Lyric Assignment. Music is central to social life. Songs are stories that represent culture. Lyrics tell us about relationships, families, work, deviance, social movements and social inequality (to name a few). Besides, Lyrics can influence the way we understand the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality. So,  for this assignment, you will pick a song and analyze it using a sociological theory, and the concepts discussed in the course. Outline for Assignment Introduction – a statement of the song chosen and it’s relation to a sociological theory/concept(s) and rationale for what is being examined. Then, Provide a detailed summary of your chosen topic. Also,  You must have a road map paragraph that tells the reader what will be covered in the paper. Approx. 0.5 – 1 page.

Song Lyric Assignment-sociological theory and concept

Description of Lyrics – Provide a description about the song lyrics. The rationale for you choosing the song. Approx. 0.5 – 1 page Theory and Concept – student will explain the theory or concept(s) they learned from the course that they will apply to the lyrics. The purpose of this section is to illustrate you understand the concepts. So, you may want to include how these concepts have been use in the research. Approx. 1.5 – 2 pages Analysis. Besides, develop an analysis around the theory and concepts. Then, Discuss how the concepts help us understand the song lyrics and relate to social life. You can divide the analysis into two or three sections, each separated by a heading that elucidates your main point. Besides, each section should include specific material from readings and articles, to make a point.Finally,  Do not make general statements without backing them up with specific examples (including the lyrics). 

Detailed Instructions


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