You are the research assistant for an MP who is to participate in a debate on the


importance of the manufacturing sector to the economy. You have been asked


to produce a list of the arguments that are likely to be used by both sides in the


debate: that is, reasons why the decline does matter and the set of counterarguments. Provide a suitable list.


You work for an organisation that provides European intelligence to local


businesses and the media. Your line manager has to give a presentation at an


international conference on the likely effects that enlargement of the EU will have


on industrial structure and has asked you to research the topic. You are required




(a) collect the necessary information on the industrial structures of the potential


new entrants;


(b) assess the impact that the accession of these countries would have on the


industrial structure of the EU;


(c) assess the likely impact of membership on the industrial structures of the


countries themselves.