As noted above, there are 4 summaries due during the course of the semester. Summary 3 is a film review. You can review one of the following, summarize the film and relate it to the subject matter of the unit. American History X Matthew Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine The Laramie Project This summary shall consist of a short synopsis, approximately 3-4 pages, of a relevant media item related to the victimology and/or crisis management topic of the Unit we are in. The goal of the summaries is to allow students to explore relevant topics, and relate course learning to what is going on in the world. These are not research papers, just brief summaries no abstract needed. Requirements for the summaries are: Each summary must be submitted in WORD or PDF File The source of each summary must be cited (APA, this includes the article and the text or whatever material you are relating the article to from class) Each summary must relate the content to the course; this means you explain the relevance of the item to our class material. Please choose items of interest to you and don′t forget to relate the article to the class section we are currently in.