The assignment describes Art Event for Workplace Colleagues. Besides, there is also an Analysis of Flamenco dance performance. So, Utilize art elements in real-world contents.

Art Event for Workplace Colleagues – Flamenco dance performance Analysis

Description Competency. Firstly, utilize art elements in real-world contents and the workplace. Scenario Your workplace has a line in its budget for team building events outside of work. In the past, your supervisor has passed out free tickets to minor league baseball games, passes to an amusement park, and even rented a lodge for a hunting retreat. This year, your coworkers and you received an email asking what kind of team building event you would like to attend. You responded that you would like to attend the world-renowned Flamenco dance performance that will take place in your city in a few months.

Art Event for Workplace Colleagues – Flamenco dance performance Analysis

You also included a note that you know your company is opening up an office in Spain, so it might be good for your company to take the opportunity to learn more about the culture. Impressed with your amazing idea, your supervisor asks you to plan one more art event for your workplace. Instructions Write a one – two page proposal for an art event for your workplace. The proposal should contain the following details about what kind of art event it will be: Where the event will take place—for example, an art show in your workplace lobby, or a trip to the theater.

Art Event for Workplace Colleagues – Flamenco dance performance Analysis

Who the artist(s) are with details of their accomplishments. Budget for the event. (Could be as simple as ticket prices and transportation, or could be a catered art opening.) Rationale for how your company can potentially benefit from this art event. NOTE – Be sure the documents display proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Detailed Instructions


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