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Use Chapters 17 through 20, Stokstad and Cothren’s Art: A Brief History Over the three centuries that are covered in chapters 17 through 20 in the course eTextbook, many new techniques were utilized by artists in their creation of major artworks. Technological developments helped artists and architects express ideas in new ways. Choose and fully identify three (3) works of art or architecture and discuss the specific technological development that made each work possible. For each work, analyze how the technological development enabled the artist or architect to express ideas in new ways. Since you answered a similar question on the midterm, make sure that your choices are all technical advances discovered AFTER the year 1700 AD/CE. Remember that a technological advancement would be an INVENTION, INNOVATION, or a REVIVED PROCESS that helped the artist make the artwork.

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Technology has made significant contributions to the world and daily activities including art. The discussion requires consideration of the provided textbook and consider the new techniques used in significant artworks or architecture. The discussion will entail identification of three works of art or architecture that have been influenced by technology. Further, each work will need to be exploited and a conclusion made on how technological development has influenced the ideas used in presenting the artwork. Further, it will discuss the strategies that have the capacity to influence advance in artwork and architecture. It is essential to categorize the technology in their respective classes such as revived process, innovation, or invention used to help the artist come up with a kind of artwork…

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