This assignment focuses on Army Leadership Profession. There is also an analysis of Company operational environment. Identify and justify one characteristic from the Army.

Army Leadership Profession – Company operational environment Analysis

Description Read ADP 6-22 Army Leadership and the Profession. Identify and justify one characteristic from the Army Leadership.  Requirements Model you think is the most important in building and leading company sized teams in today’s ever changing operational environment. Ensure your justification includes specific content (with citation) from Army Doctrine . And why that characteristic is important to building and leading company sized teams. Shape your thoughts in a logical order that will persuade the audience that your characteristic is the most important

Army Leadership Profession – Company operational environment Analysis

Is it necessary for army leadership to keep undergoing academic training while serving?

– Considering that these guys have attained military leadership with current academic training plus perhaps lots of operational and professional training which could be enough for service.
– Is it necessary to shift their focus from time to time to go back and learn a full degree course in metabolomics, education managment, hydrolics, etc?

Environmental analysis is a strategic business activity involving examination of a business’s external circumstances, including the remote, operating and competitive environment. A marketing environment is composed of specific elements of a business’s external operating and competitive environment related to the needs of a product’s intended consumer, also known as the target market member. Marketing environments are often tied to the product’s stage in the business marketing life cycle.

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