Detailed Instructions



Write on ONE of the following topics:

(1) Explain Aristotle’s notion of techné.

(2) “There are … no tables and chair,and there are no other artifacts. … Artisans do not create; not, at least, in the sense of causing things to exist. They rearrange objects in space and cause bonding relations to begin to hold or to cease to hold (as in the case of the sculptor who chips away at a block of marble) between objects …” (Peter can Inwagen, Material Beings, p. 116). Do you agree with the view expressed in this quote? Explain your answer.

More about this task:

The paper will entail arguments revolving around Techne, which is a term that translates to craftsmanship or involving art. The discussions will entail input borrowed from Aristotle, a Greek philosopher. The characteristics of Techne will be identified including pragmatic, and variable among others. The paper will also acknowledge the three approaches to knowledge including Episteme (scientific knowledge), Phronesis (Wisdom), and finally directing the attention to Techne (skills and crafts). The discussion will illustrate how Aristotle viewed Techne. In addition, it will focus on exploring how Techne linked to the process of acquiring knowledge and skills, and implement them with the aim of solving problems in society…


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