The purpose of this assignment is to understand the origin of  rhetoric from Greek and Roman philosophers. There are three important philosophers who were responsible for the development and spreading of Rhetoric (Public Speaking). The three philosophers were Aristotle (Greek), Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman), and Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (Roman). Each of the three philosophers had a common understanding that ethics, virtues, and character was very important in the development of an excellent orator.


To Do List:

Pick one Rhetoric Philosopher: Aristotle, Cicero, Quintilian

Do online research on the philosopher.

Gather articles, sources, and take notes.

Review the articles, reflect on the information

Write an essay about the philosopher, some backstory context, his contribution to rhetoric (public speaking), his views on ethics, virtues, character and his contribution to the communications discipline.



Essay Instructions and Format:

Formatting must be done in MLA format.

Cover Page

Three pages of Essay Writing

Works Cited Page in MLA format

12 pt font in Times News Roman

Paper must answer the questions in the above Introduction.

Total pages including cover page, essay, and works cited = Five Pages.