This is for a class on assessing/managing conflict.  

I need a 1 page for an argument paper and then 1 page for an opposing paper on 

the same topic.  A few ideas..OR someting that is easy for you to write about about for each side:)
  • Pro-Choice/Pro-Life
  • Paying College Athletes
  • Banning Plastic Bags
  • Enhancing Funding for the arts
  • Pro or Against School Choice (k-12) 
  • Free College for All

This is a very short argument paper on a topic of your choice.  

The paper is brief (1-2 paragraphs) but persuasive, using the tools we have read about in class.  

Using examples from–Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the Power of Disagreement Chapters 2-4.  

Power Traps, Benevolent, Support, Appeasement, Cooperative or competitive Leader-in chapters 2-4:)


Coleman, P
. & Ferguson, R. (2014).
Making Confli