Are electric cars better for the environment
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Assignment #3: Research Paper

Length: 8 -10 pages either in APA format or MLA format, plus an additional works cited page (yes that means at least nine total pages).

Topic Ideas Due: October 12

Rough Draft Due: October 31

Final Draft Due: November 2

In this assignment, you will conduct research to reinforce an argument. You may attempt to change how others feel about a topic, propose changes to an existing situation, or offer a solution to a problem. Preferably, this topic has relevance to your field of study, but it does not have to be. You may choose specific topics that solve problems where you work, or you may attempt to tackle grander themes in your majors/fields. The more specific your topic, the more likely you may want to use primary research such as interviews, field studies or first-hand surveys/polls. Youll all likely be using statistics, polls and other secondary sources from experts to help promote your argument; however, and especially because this is an online course, you may rely solely on secondary research.

It is important to establish your topic first. Do some preliminary research and post two potential topic ideas by October 12.

While many of you may choose to prove the existence of a problem, or highlight a problem and propose a solution, you may also use other forms of rhetoric, such as investigative research that may not end up proving what you expected. It’s important to establish an overall research question when considering a topic, in order to develop your criteria and research towards answering that question. You might build your specific topic into the following questions:

1. Why is X a problem and what can be done about it? (Proposal)

2. Is X feasible? (Feasibility study – your research may end up determining that an idea or proposal does not work based on the evidence you uncover)

3. Is X or Y (or Z) a better option? (Comparative analysis – this is similar to the first assignment, but based on your own topic idea comparison)

4. How do we use X to our best advantage?

Once I’ve accepted your topic, you’ll want to create an outline for the paper that highlights specific criteria you want to investigate. For example, if you decided to write a paper on gun control, such as banning the sale of firearms to people diagnosed with certain types of depression, you might need to investigate various background information and problems with such an idea. You could evaluate potential solutions before offering your opinion on the issue, or a solution you would like to see implemented.

Criteria for gun control might involve issues like cost, organization or likelihood of implementation, societal feelings towards your topic, legal restrictions, etc. Would psychologists be given legal authority to order the confiscation of guns? Does that happen now? Has that happened in other countries? Has it been effective? What proof is there to reinforce your answers to these questions?

Criteria tend to be categorized into two branches: What criteria make your argument necessary? What criteria make your argument desirable?

You’ll also want to divide your research into logos-based research, involving facts, expert testimony, statistics, scientific observation, etc.

Or, pathos-based research involving true narratives (either yours or the stories of others you find in your research), anecdotes, quotes from people who have suffered and therefore earned the right to be heard, polls that determine peoples’ opinions, etc.

Providing the background and evaluating specific criteria to highlight the themes of your topic will represent approximately half of your paper.

At least 1/3 of the paper should be devoted to an effective solution or answer. Why will it work? Has it been tried before (maybe in other companies, states, countries, etc)? Why wasnt it continued or why did it fail? Or, why has it succeeded elsewhere (and therefore presents a viable solution in the case youre presenting)? What makes your solution feasible? Can you back up your solution with expert sources?

You will need at least five sources in APA format. These sources should support your evaluation of your topic, the solution, or potential counterpoints youve uncovered and would like to analyze in the paper. In other words, you may realize that your audience will have a clear reservation against your topicrather than ignore this, youll want to discuss it, analyze and present a counter-argument to persuade your readers to change their mind.

Come up with topics early and see me to discuss outlines, research possibilities and to clear up any questions you have.

Optional SRL:

You may optionally engage into the psychological principle of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) for this assignment. It consists of writing three reflections to explore your thought process before, during and after the writing of this essay. I will give you time to complete these during class, and you may submit them as Daybook Omega for extra credit.

The first of these reflections is called forethought. Once you are familiar with this assignment outline, you may use this prompt to analyze your thoughts on the assignment. What is the assignment’s intended purpose for your education? What do you hope this assignment will do for your skillset,, knowledge or interests? What strategy or process can you engage to get there? Most importantly, how does this assignment feel? And how does that compare to the principles and values that you could derive from completing it?

The second of these reflections is called performance. Once you’ve completed significant research or begun writing your essay, analyze your effort. How effectively have your managed your time? How are you meeting your goals from the first reflection? What has changed? How will you modify your strategies or process going forward to complete the assignment?

The third writing is called self-reflection. After you’ve turned in your essay, reflect on the assignment. Evaluate your level of success (or failure) in completing this assignment. What have you learned (or not learned)? What goals, value or principles did you work towards in completing this assignment? How does that make you feel?