A group of juveniles decided to set the contents of a dumpster on fire every weekend. This incident was witnessed by a 40-year neighborhood resident named Mrs. Sanchez, a neighborhood grandmother, who sits at her kitchen window each night. Each time, Mrs. Sanchez calls 911, and firefighters would respond to put the fire out. The same youth would throw rocks at them and damage property nearby. The police would have to be called to the aid of responding firefighters. Recognizing that this is a problem, the police chief decided to initiate the SARA model in this situation. Following this incident, the Chief decided to hold a community meeting in the neighborhood and learned that the main reason that the youth were setting the dumpster on fire was that the garbage men were sporadically emptying the garbage leaving a strong odor in the neighborhood.


Reflect and Respond.


-Describe some potential difficulties with the application of the SARA model to this particular problem.

-Presuming the chief has a social media page, how would you consider using it with regard to this problem in such a way that would lead to an arrest of the person or persons responsible for the intentional dumpster fire, or a preventative collaboration with the sanitation department?


After reading the assigned materials, you will respond to the following Discussion Question using no fewer than 200 words. Remember to use APA citations, and reference your sources, upon which you have based your answer.