Applied Human Computer Interaction

Paper details:

To enable students to gain an understanding of a few selected topics related to human perception, memory and thinking and their relevance to HCI through individually researching a topic and, then as a group, designing and overseeing an interactive class activity.

Overview of Assessment:
This assignment has an individual and a group component.

Individually each student is required to find a set of printed instructions for doing something (eg. installing software, assembling kitset furniture, upgrading a video card in a computer, cooking recipe, etc.). Then they will write a 2500 word essay based on the cognitive and/or perceptual process(es) of just one nontrivial step in the instructions (approved by the lecturer).
The group component is organised as a series of class activities each prepared and run by a student group. The group members will use their individual research and prepare some form of interactive activity for the class that will enable students to gain a sound understanding of the topic. The series will be running over a five-week period, starting in week 3 (see Course calendar).
Each group will be assigned a topic, such as the following:

Visual perception and colour
Haptics and perception of movement (proprioception)
Perception of sound and acoustic space
Short term memory
Long term memory
Cognition {eg. Problem solving, reasoning, learning, social cognition}
The activity could be a game2022 latest answers, interactive exercise, or a learning experience. They do not have to be computer-based.