Detailed Instructions

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       Please answer the questions in question-answer-question-answer format.  Use word or .pdf format. There is no page limit.  Grading criteria include: (a) accurate answers (40 points); (b) thorough answers (40 points); and (c) professionalism and clarity of writing (20 points).   There are five suggested readings for this case posted on D2L. You are welcome to cite additional sources, Pick one of the current challenges facing Zappos.

Analyze and describe a potential change situation based on one of the challenges.

    1. What is the topic of change?
    2. What are the benefits and risks of the change?
    3. What type of change is it?
    4. At what level is the change occurring?  (Individual, Team, Organization)


Quick Response

From the Holacracy Case, the benefits of embracing change and being flexible are to keep customers. It is noted that the company encourages the employees to use any method to resolve their issues with clients including sourcing for products from competitor stores rather than losing the client. The type of data needed to help in making decisions about the change includes information about sales that illustrates the advantage point of the strategy used in the company (Shields, 2007). Assessment of the appropriate intervention should entail deliberations with the employees to consider their viewpoints and priorities. This consideration is to reduce instances of resistance to change that may arise…

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