Data analysis method (approx. 500 words): in this section you will discuss and justify the method used to analyse the data and answer the research question. You should also discuss the key assumption behind the selected method. Note: you are not required to discuss sampling and data collection as these issues are already described in this assessment brief. Simply focus on the data analysis process that you followed.

5. Data analysis and interpretation (approx. 500 words): in this section, you will analyse the dataset and address the research questions presented in this brief. In particular, you should:

Begin by conducting an initial data screening (e.g. missing data, errors, outliers etc.)

Run some preliminary analysis (e.g. descriiptive statistics) to get a better idea of the composition of

the sample and of the responses to the questions (use descriiptive statistics, tables and charts as appropriate)

Analyze the data by using the appropriate statistical methods discussed in the previous section.

Report and discuss the results and address the two research questions presented in this brief.

6. Discussion, limitation and conclusions (approx. 500 words)
Discuss the results of your analysis in light of the insights that emerged from your analysis of the practitioners’ literature (background section) and the academic literature (literature review section). What can your client learn?
Discuss some potential limitations of the present study (including limitations of the data analysis approach employed)

Suggest ideas (1 or 2) for future research that might help your client to better understand customers satisfaction and brand alliances.